Strabismus Surgery for Sammy

IMG_2931Well, there’s nothing like taking time in the waiting room of a hospital to make my next post.  Today we’re at Children’s Hospital in Oakland, CA, where Sammy is having bi-lateral Strabismus surgery on both of his eyes.

Strabismus surgery, said plainly, is to help fix his eyes’ alignment.  Dr. Hsu is doing the procedure and Dr. Brewer is doing the anesthesiology.

You may remember that Sammy was wearing a patch for a while.  He did OK early on, but as he got older he started ripping it off. So it wasn’t working as it planned.  It did make some improvements to his eyes, but not where we wanted him to be.

Dr. Hsu recommended we go forward with this procedure, and so here we are.  She will cut into the outer edge of the eyes, changing the muscle alignment to help his eyes align together.  It’s likely Sammy will look a bit cross-eyed for a while, and we expect he’ll have very red and puffy eyes for about 2-3 weeks. We bought swimming goggles and will use those if necessary, since he likes to rub his eyes.

Anyway, he’s in surgery now.  The procedure will take about 45 minutes, and he has to be put under first. They’re going to intubate him too – we didn’t expect that.  Once the procedure is over, he’ll stay in the recovery area while he comes out of the drugs.  He’ll get some food and we’ll ensure he’s stable before we take him home.

We expect to be home by 12 or 1pm.

Here are some photos of our morning.



A round of applause!

While Jacob is learning some sign language, Samuel is also learning some new skills. He knows how to clap now! Let’s all give him a round of applause!!


Jake is learning some sign language so he can tell us things without saying them. Verbal would be better but he’s not yet saying too much.

The signal for “more” is tapping the fingers together on both hands. He’s getting it down pretty well!

Time for an update

Well, I’ve been pretty lax when it comes to creating updates for this blog, but I’m going to try and do a little better.

The boys are now almost 22 months old, and they are really coming along nicely. They are learning lots of new skills, and both boys are so much fun to be around.. However, they are a lot of work!

I’ll put together a more thorough update very soon, but I thought I would put an update out here on the golf course where I am with Jake right now. He is learning how to putt.

Enjoy this video.

Jacob gets his first haircut

Well, the time has come for Jacob to have his locks sheared off.  Kristen said on Saturday morning that she finally agreed his hair was too unruly and it was time to get it cut.  We talked about where to go and when, but never really took it any further.  Then Kristen took Jacob over to visit with Aunt Jamie today, and I guess they passed a place in Burlingame that specializes in kids haircuts.  So they popped in and he got his first cut.  I wasn’t there and for that I’m a little sad.  But there are pictures so that helps.

I’ve also included a few other pictures from the last week:

Jacob gets his first haircut, while sitting on Kristen’s lap.


The finished product – looking sharp!  Aunt Jamie walks with him in Burlingame.
Sammy tries on some cool new shoes.
Pool time for Jake.
Jacob proves he can rock the speedo with the best of ’em.  He has his trusty rake and hoe too.

Stander Sammy

Sammy decided to do some more standing on Sunday.  This was his longest stretch in the stander by far.  Usually he can go about 1-2 minutes before he gets uncomfortable.  For this session, he was upright for almost 15 minutes.  The video shows about half of that.

Nice job Sammy!

Sammy Stands!

Happy Easter everyone.  The Mazza boys are having a great time in their 16th month.  Yesterday they celebrated their Aunt Jamie’s birthday.  Today they went to see the Easter Bunny for the first time, and today Sammy got to stand for the first time, using some fancy technology.

The San RAmon Valley Unified School District provides various therapy and development programs for Sammy on a weekly basis.  Today his Physical Therapist, Dawn, came over and helped Sammy get into this contraption that looks a lot like a hospital gurney.  But once he’s strapped in, we can tilt him up and voila – Sammy can stand.  This is great progress for him as he continues to build strength in his body.  It’s important he gets the feeling of being upright on a regular basis, so I’m excited to see him do more of this.

Anyway, enjoy the pictures below!

Sammy’s cool stander is helping him see the world differently.  He seems to like it!
Can you tell the boys are excited to meet the Easter Bunny?  These are their Easter outfits that Kristen bought.  And no, Sammy’s left foot isn’t broken.  His shoe is just turned around!
Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 4.34.16 PM
Aunt Jamie turned…uh… 29 on Wednesday.  The boys helped her celebrate.