Hi everyone!  I’m Todd Mazza, and as of the launch of this blog I’m the expectant father of triplet boys with my wife, Kristen.  Samuel, Jacob and Charlie have a due date of February 12, 2016, but we know for a fact they’ll be born earlier.

There are multiple reasons for this blog:

  1. I wanted to give a place where friends and family can follow along, with bigger updates than we may post on Facebook.
  2. I wanted to have a history of what we were going through, with pictures, that we can reference for years to come.
  3. Finally, I’ve seen other blogs that have been tremendously helpful in our understanding of what’s to come.  They’ve been helpful, so I thought we may as well contribute to future parents of triplets with our experience.

I’ll post updates periodically, as “newsworthy” events warrant, and of course we’ll post pictures periodically.  Hopefully you’ll find this blog informative and fun.

Thanks for reading!

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