Week 29

Now that we’re all caught up, we’ll start posting more frequent updates beginning with this one, which is taking place at Week 29, 2 days.

Kristen is doing a fair amount of sleeping during the day, mostly since she doesn’t get much sleep at night.  She has to get up to pee about every 1.5 hours.  An empty bladder helps keep the contractions away.  But she also has babies pressing on her bladder, so you’d pee that much too.

We called the doctor Saturday morning since it’s possible Kristen’s mucous plug may have come out.  This is a plug in the cervix that keeps things together.  It’s normal for it to come out, and that’s typically one of the first stages of labor.  But it could be a signal labor is a few hours away, or it could be several weeks away.  We’re also not sure it was the mucous plug.  It could just be normal discharge that comes with pregnancy.

Kristen drinks a LOT of water daily.  I probably fill her glass 8 or 9 times a day, and she does it on her own a bit too.

I didn’t mention in the catch-up post, but we’ve failed the tests for Gestational Diabetes, so we’re now taking steps to change Kristen’s diet to eat something low in carbs and sugar.  Failing the tests doesn’t mean she definitely has diabetes, but she has to act like she has it to protect the babies.  The most likely reason for the readings is the amount of placenta inside her.  Still, we need to make sure we protect the boys.

We love to watch her stomach after drinking lots of water, or after eating.  The babies move around quite a bit, kicking here and punching there.  We think they may be moving around a bit too.  Baby A is effectively at the bottom of her belly, face down and head down.  Baby B and Baby C are effectively forming an X in her belly, with Baby C’s head on Kristen’s right side.  Baby C’s legs are somewhere down near Baby A’s head.  Baby B, meanwhile, has his head on her left side, with his feet angled down near Baby A’s legs.  They’re really crammed in there.

These babies sometimes get into Kristen’s ribs, poking and jabbing their way through the day.  This is probably the most uncomfortable part of the pregnancy so far, or at least what Kristen has told me is the most uncomfortable part.

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