29 Weeks, 4 Days

We made it to December!  One of our recent goals has been to make it into December, and we’ve done that.  We’ve learned that we need to set very short-term goals that are achievable, and celebrate each goal along the way.  Our next goal is this Friday, when we hit the 30-week mark.

Today we had our weekly visit with Dr. Won to measure Kristen’s cervix and to measure the heartbeats.  The heartbeats are all great, and the cervix measurements are consistent to last week’s, at just about 1.3cm.  It’s short, but that’s not too bad for this stage.  Best of all there’s still no opening.  The doctor said that Baby C has shifted, so his head is right next to Baby B’s head.  I told Kristen they’re planning their escape.

We setup 3 more appointments today, for December 29th, January 5th and January 12th.  We know we won’t have any more doctor’s appointments after that, as they won’t let us go any further.  If we can make it to any of those appointments, we’ll feel awesome.

Key dates ahead for us:

  • December 4th – Week 30
  • December 11th – Week 31
  • December 18th – Week 32
  • December 25th – Week 33 (Christmas Day!)
  • January 1st – Week 34 (New Year’s Day!)  This is our doctor’s target for us.
  • January 8th – Week 35
  • January 15th – Week 36.  Our doctor will not let us go any further than this.

Here are some heartbeat pictures from this morning, along with a 3D image and profile pic for Baby C.  Unfortunately it’s almost impossible to get clear pictures of Baby A or B.


4 thoughts on “29 Weeks, 4 Days

  1. Congrats on making it to 29 weeks – that’s huge! My cousin delivered her first at 30 weeks, and her second at 25 weeks. So for K to be carrying 3 little nuggets this far into her pregnancy is pretty awesome 🙂


  2. So happy for you all! I love reading your updates. You are blessing us all with your beautiful story. Btw, 12/31 is a good day. Then you would get to claim them on your 2015 taxes! Lol


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