We have a delivery date!

Kristen and I went to see Dr. Won today for our normal Tuesday checkup.  Today we took growth measurements, and also did the usual cervix exam.

The boys are growing!  Today’s measurements are as follows:

  • Baby A: Heartbeat: 140 bpm, 3lbs, 8oz.
  • Baby B: Heartbeat: 138 bpm, 3lbs, 7oz.
  • Baby C: Heartbeat: 140 bpm, 3lbs, 3oz.

That means there’s more than 10 pounds of babies inside Kristen right now!  Wow!

Here are today’s profile shots.  We got better images of Baby A, but not good enough to get a profile shot:


Kristen’s cervix is remaining pretty stable at 1.3cm.  That’s awesome for this stage.  Dr. Won gave Kristen the first shot of the second batch of Betamethizone, which is a steroid used to help the babies’ lungs develop faster in the event of an early delivery.  We have to go back for a second shot on Wednesday.   These are typically most effective if birth takes place within 48 hours and 7 days of when the shot was given.  We hope we can go a lot longer than that before they’re born, but who knows!  We’re doing it now to hedge on the fact we can get it done, versus waiting for Kristen to go into labor and not being able to give this steroid.

We also have a C-section scheduled now.  It’s Friday, January 15, 2016 at 3:45pm.  We don’t know if we’ll get that far, but if we do, the babies are coming out that day.  Our doctor doesn’t think we’ll get to that date, and we don’t think so either.  If we do, though, yay for huge babies!

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