Life in the NICU; Kristen update

Shortly after the boys were born, they were taken immediately to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, or NICU.  John Muir Walnut Creek has a Level 3 NICU.  Only Oakland Children’s Hospital has a better unit – Level 4.  The level of care in a Level 3 is outstanding, and we’re fortunate to have such good care for our boys.

Each boy has their own room.  Jacob’s and Samuel’s rooms connect via a glass door that remains open all the time.  Charlie’s in the next room, but there’s nothing connecting him to his brothers’ rooms. Not a big deal, though as they’re all about the same distance from each other.

The nurses are absolutely phenomenal.  The neonatologists are outstanding too.  It’s worth calling out Emily, Laurie, Jane, Joy, Aimee, Ernest, Dr. Sandhu and Dr. Bennett.  I’m sure I’ve left out somebody.

Here are some pictures from the first several hours in the NICU.


Kristen Update

Meantime, Kristen is doing really well.  She’s been up and walking around, though there’s a little bit of pain.  But she was up and walking later in the day after the surgery.  Now she walks back and forth to the NICU without a wheel chair.  She feels lighter on her feet already.

Breast feeding won’t take place for a while, but she’s pumping now so the boys can get the milk via feeding tube to their stomach, and by swabbing a bit in their mouth with a cotton swab.  They find it tasty!  Jacob has had the most so far, and Friday night he had a few milliliters, or about just about 1/2 teaspoon.  He’s a big eater!

We’re set to be released from the hospital on Sunday, but I’m sure I’ll have another update before then.

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