Time for Kristen to go home

Sunday December 13th was Kristen’s discharge date.  We stayed the day at the hospital and had a late checkout.  This gave us most of the day with the boys.  We’re both excited that we’re home in our own beds.  I’m excited to get off my makeshift bed in the back of the hospital room.  but leaving the boys “alone” was really, really, really tough and emotional.

Todd’s chair bed in the back of the hospital room.

Kristen won’t be able to drive for about another week and a half.  Dr. Won told Kristen she knows she can drive when “you go sit in your car and slam on the brakes as hard as you can.  If you can’t feel it any discomfort or pain in your C-section area, you’re ready to drive again.”

I will drive Kristen to the hospital each day this week at noon, so I can be back at work in time for calls and other things I have to do.  If it’s just calls, I may work from the hospital or Panera Bread Company in Walnut Creek.  If I have other things to do, or need some really strong focus, I’ll just return home to get work done and then go see the babies after work.  Once Kristen can do her own driving, then I’ll go see the babies after work each day.

Overall she’s feeling OK.  Her pain is manageable with Percocet and Motrin every four-to-six hours or so.  We’ve rented a breast feeding pump for the house, so wake ups at 12am and 4am will be a regular thing for a while as we try and make as much food as possible for the babies.  She’s actually doing a great job producing milk for the babies.  The nurses and doctors are all happy with her production so far.

Jacob continues to do the best.  As of Monday he’ll be up to 12ml of food every three hours, while his IV goes down 1ml per day.  We expect he may be off the IV as early as this coming weekend.  Jacob is the biggest at 2lbs, 14oz as of Sunday morning.  He’s also the guy who’s opening his eyes the most to look at us.  I sat and held him for almost two hours on Sunday.  We talked about life, golf, how horrible the Miami Dolphins are and we listened to some music.  Congregation from the Foo Fighters was the first song he ever heard.  We also listened to some Beatles and some Journey.

Charlie is probably doing second-best at this point.  He’s still the smallest, but he gained an ounce to 2lbs, 10oz on Sunday.  Kristen’s been able to hold him a couple times now, including almost an hour on Sunday.  I hope to do my first hold with him on Monday evening.  He’s taking food regularly, and they got his PICC line in over the weekend.  It’s nice and stable, and that means they shouldn’t need to poke him with anymore needles until after his IV comes out.  They can inject things

Samuel’s not doing poorly, but he’s not moving at the same rate as his brothers.  He needs a PICC line installed, and they’ve had a rough time getting this done because his veins are so tiny.  He weighed 2lbs, 12oz on Sunday, so he’s lost a little weight.  He’s not getting regular feedings of milk due to some greenish fluid in his tummy.  The doctor’s aren’t too worried.  They just say his intestines aren’t quite ready for food.  We’ve held him a bit and he’s able to tolerate that.  Kristen held him for almost an hour on Sunday.

2 thoughts on “Time for Kristen to go home

  1. Todd, I can’t stop thinking about you and Kristen and your little babies. It brings tears to my eyes. I think about all of you every day. So heartbreaking not to be able to bring them home with you! Glad to hear they are all getting stronger every day. My thoughts are with you and the family.


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