Unchartered territory

Today we’re entering what the nurses called unchartered territory.  Jacob had his IV removed, and he’s not even 32 weeks old yet.  He’s 100% on his own breathing, and he’s getting 23mL of breast milk per hour with a 24 calorie fortifier.

The nurses say they don’t often see regular babies do this well, let alone a triplet.  So that was great to hear.

Jacob is suffering from some reflux, so he has been vomiting his food up shortly after he’s taking it.  But it’s not impacting his weight – he’s up to 1400 grams, or 3lbs, 1oz.  It’s kind of funny to watch him vomit.  He doesn’t make a sound and just opens his mouth and out it comes.  He almost threw up on me today – only a blanket I was holding him in saved me.  And this was after the bath that Kristen and I gave him – the first bath he’s had with us.  It was really more of a wet wipe-down.

I got to hold Charlie for a bit tonight.  He’s progressing up to 2lbs, 12oz, so he’s still the smallest.  We’ve come to the conclusion he has a different chin than his brothers.  Jacob and Samuel have my chin, which is a bit “softer”.  I think Charlie is going to be a thinner boy than the other two, and he may end up being the tallest too.  He slept most of the way through my holding, but we listened to Foo Fighters music.  I have to get these kids cultured early!

I didn’t spend much time today with Samuel.  Kristen gave him a bath, and he got excited and peed all over the place with his diaper off.  That’s my boy!

One thought on “Unchartered territory

  1. Get used to the spitting up – YOU, Todd, did a LOT of that!!! Yes…. and even the peeing all over the place!


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