December 23rd – Two Weeks Old

We’ve made it to the two-week mark and the boys continue to progress nicely.  There’s no end in sight for the hospital, but it’s now part of our daily routine and we can see real changes in the past two weeks.

First, we went to our two-week visit with Dr. Won this morning.  Kristen’s C-section cut was reviewed and the glue was removed.  I have to say it’s a work of art.  I’m fairly certain nobody will ever know she has a C-section.  It’s really, really good.  Dr. Won did a great job in putting her back together.

Dr. Won also told us the lab report on the placenta’s came back, and she now knows what caused the premature birth.  Jacob’s placenta was starting to get infected, so it ruptured.  We don’t know what caused the infection to start, but the rupture is a natural reaction to protect the baby from the infection.  That’s what started everything.

OK, on to the kiddo’s.


(Note: Thanks Mom for pointing out it’s not Sammie with an IE as I typed earlier in the week, it’s Sammy with a Y)

Sammy is doing just fine for 32 weeks, 5 days, but when compared to his brothers he’s not doing as well as quickly.  He’s tied for the lead when it comes to weight: 3lbs, 4oz.  He’s not as long as Charlie though.  He’s only gained a fraction of an inch.

Today the cardiologist did an echo on his heart to see if this is impacting his breathing.  The pediatric cardiologist stopped by and told us everything looks good.  He has a PDA – a hole in his heart – but it’s normal and no concerns.

Samuel is back on the light therapy for jaundice.  He’s the only baby still in this but his numbers for bilirubin are improving.

Samuel goes through light therapy.

As we were visiting today, Sammy lost the rest of his umbilical cord, so he has a normal belly button now.


Jacob is doing the best of everyone.  The nurses tell us his apnea and brady’s are occurring less – none overnight last night.  That’s great news.  He weighs in today at 3lbs, 4oz and he’s at the maximum feedings.  He’s technically 10 grams heavier than Samuel.

Today he started breastfeeding and Kristen says he was a champ, fully latching off and on for about 30 minutes.  That’s great news.  We’re not sure how much he took in, since the suck/swallow reflex is just building up.  But it’s possible and likely he got something.  We’ll keep working on this and build his skills in the next few days.

Jacob also lost his umbilical cord today, so he can finally get a real bath.  We’ll do that tomorrow.


Charlie is doing really well too.  He’s weighing 3lbs, 3oz today.  He had some medicine to help that artery close off and that worked well.  It wasn’t completely closed when the doctors checked on Monday, but it was so small it was barely noticeable, so there’s no other medicine to take.

Charlie chills after a diaper change.

Charlie’s vapotherm is down from 4 liters to 3 liters to 2 liters today, and he’s constantly on room oxygen (21%).  If he keeps this pace up he’ll be off all oxygen supplements in the next few days.

He’s taking his feedings like a champ.  In fact I changed his diaper at 1:45pm on Wednesday and the nurse tested for “residual” – the amount left in the stomach ~2+hours after feeding, and there’s nothing there.  So she was going to warm up his food early so he can have some more earlier.

Once he’s off his vapotherm, he can try breastfeeding with Kristen.  We introduced him to breastfeeding today but he was cranky.  He preferred to sleep during his feeding.  I managed to get a quick photo of him as he was about to doze off and close his eyes.

Charlie spends time with his mom.

After these pictures were taken, and later today, Charlie pulled out his feeding tube, so they re-inserted it through his nose.  He seems to like that better.  I also changed his diaper a bit later after his feeding and reality has set in.  This is the champion pooper of the year!  Wow.  Reality smacked me in the face today.

These boys are great and we love them like you can’t imagine.  We absolutely can’t wait to get them home.

3 thoughts on “December 23rd – Two Weeks Old

  1. I see Jacob doing the famous “Arms up for Fun!” Good Boy Jacob!!! Tell the boys that Deebee Loves Them!!
    Fantastic post Todd! Loved the info, pictures and videos! Can’t wait until the next one!!


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