Samuel update

Thanks for all the messages and phone calls of concern and love.  We take this stuff pretty hard but the nurses and doctors have made us feel like this is somewhat expected and part of the process, so nothing much to be concerned with.  Still, until Samuel’s breathing like Jacob and Charlie are we will still be concerned.

  On Saturday Samuel got a dose of Indomethicin and it seems to be working.  One of the telltale signs that it’s working is decreased urine output / reduced kidney function, and that’s what they’re seeing.  We haven’t talked to the doctor yet but we confirmed a second round of the drug is ordered.  Charlie had three rounds, for comparison.  I expect they’ll do the same with Sammy and then take another echo to see the difference.

Speaking of seeing the difference, he looks sad with his CPAP mask on but he also looks tremendously more relaxed in his breathing.  His chest retractions are greatly reduced and he’s definitely more comfortable.
 Jacob hit the 4-pound mark today.  He’s breastfeeding when Kristen is here and he’s practicing with a bottle too.  Yesterday he took 10mL.  Jacob got a bath yesterday too.

Charlie gets his bath today.  He’s also practicing with a bottle.  He had his top popped for a bit but he got cold yesterday so it’s down again.  They’ll try him in a day or so when he gains another ounce or two.

We’ll have another update on Samuel in a couple days.

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