The Comeback Kid

It’s Monday night and I’m in with the boys.  Kristen took the early shift today. I had to work the entire day, so I ate dinner, got a download from Kristen, and then headed over to the hospital.

I can describe Samuel as the comeback kid now. It certainly too soon to claim victory, but just looking at that little boy…you can see he’s a new man!  

He’s had 2 rounds of Indomethicin already, with the third and final dose to be administered at 10pm tonight.  He’s breathing much more comfortably and he’s not only off the CPAP machine, he’s back on the Vapotherm at 4 liters and 24% oxygen.  And he’s on his back.  

By comparison, last Wednesday he was breathing well over 100 breaths per minute, on 4 liters at 35%-40% oxygen and on his stomach.  He looked defeated.

Now he’s resting like a grown man taking a nap!  I even told the nurse he looks healthier.  His skin just seems to fit him better now and his face seems fuller.  Part of that could be the IV fluid, but I prefer to think its him getting healthier.

The doctor had ordered another echo for Tuesday and we’ll then talk about the results.  Hopefully the echo validates what we’re seeing.  We’re just so happy he appears to be doing much better.

Jacob and Charlie were moved into the same room today. Their room is a little bigger now and accommodates two babies. This is the room typically reserved for twins. It’s right next door to where Samuel is.

Tomorrow I’ll post another update after the echo.  But that will be likely later since we are having dinner with Laura and Charles Seidel, who just too took their triplets home from the same hospital!

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