1 Month Old

Just like the annoying parents you love to hate, we’re going to be those people who celebrate small milestones like their 1-Month birthday.  That’s today, January 9th. To celebrate the day we stopped by the hospital for several hours this morning and gave all three boys their weekly bath.

Samuel was first and got a scrub-down bath because of all the CPAP gear on his head.  He tolerated it really well and no desats for him.  Kristen was leaning in and just as I warned her to be careful in case he starts to pee, he peed all over the place.  He didn’t get Kristen though.

We changed out his heart monitors and pulse ox monitor and got him settled back in with a new diaper.  He’s not out of the woods but certainly is doing better.  We think Sammy will be the biggest of the boys. His hands are noticeably bigger than his brothers, and he just looks bigger in general.

Jacob was next and he got the warming lights brought in for his dunk in the bath.  He did well and seemed to enjoy the tub time.  Kristen got him all posed for his official 1-month pose and I got some video.


Charlie was third and he felt the need to show how his boy parts work too, almost peeing on Kristen.  We got him settled into the bucket for a quick bath and some photos.  He did very well too.

Dr. Wei stopped by to share results of the boys’ eye test from Friday morning.  An eye doctor did an inspection and the results were great.  The boys are exactly where they should be in their development.

After Kristen pumped we left for a night in Half Moon Bay.  This night was supposed to happen about a month ago, but better late than never.  It will be our last night away together for a while.

I won’t have many posts this coming week because of my business trip.  I’ll miss the boys terribly but I’m looking forward to coming home and seeing them next weekend.


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