Exhausted, but for the wrong reasons

Jacob had been home for 3 nights now and he’s been great.  He eats and pees about every three hours – sometimes more, sometimes less.  He cries but it seems limited to only when he has a wet diaper or when he’s hungry.  So things are going well from that perspective.

Still, we’re having trouble.   It’s the girls in our life that are causing the problem; namely Finley and Sophie.  These dogs have been completely crazy since we brought home Jacob.  Especially Finley.  She can’t seem to get enough of him, wanting to lick his hand, ear, face – even his hair.  Sophie only seems to get spun up when Finley does.  So that’s made for three nights with limited sleep.  I’ve slept better than Kristen, and she’s only getting about 3-4 hours per 24-hour period.

Travel took me to LA for the day, but I’m headed home on the last flight of the night.  I’ll take some Jacob duty for a bit and then try to sleep before a 7am video call.  Ugh!  Time for me to start planning some time off.


Samuel (top) and Charlie
 Charlie is back on the Vapotherm machine, but just at the lowest setting.  The doctor suggested he go back on to help him breathe a bit easier while he’s learning the bottle.  He’s now at Pathway B and he’s doing well.  Today he took 100% of a bottle for the speech therapist, who hasn’t been able to get him this far before.  So I would guess Charlie could come home sometime late next week.

Samuel’s doing good.  He had a bath on Sunday and he pooped in his bath bucket.  That was an interesting experience.  While I cleaned that out he pooped some more for Kristen and nurse Emily.  He was a disaster!  Pretty funny though!

That’s it for now!  Off to board my plane!

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