On Tuesday, Samuel had his PDA closed at Children’s Hospital, so now he’s into recovery.  I visited Samuel today in the hospital with my dad, Sammy’s grandpa.  Kristen got some sleep in the morning and spent more time today with Charlie.

Samuel still had his breathing tube, his arterial line and his two IV’s.  He’s still on morphine for pain, but they’re down to a very small amount.  The doctor told us that they are hoping to wean him off the morphine and breathing tube today.

He still looks very puffy, though it’s less than Wednesday.  We hopefully should see some more progress on Friday and each day it will get better.

The cardiac nurses came by to change the dressing on his incision.  The incision was about two inches long.  I managed to snap some photos below.

After visiting with Sammy we went to visit with Charlie at the other hospital in Walnut Creek.  The doctor said she called Dr. Nash, and his circumcision was scheduled for 3:30pm today.

That was an unexpected surprise.

I held him for while and then just about 4pm, Dr. Nash was ready to go.  My dad and I both went with him and witnessed the event.  I’ve never seen a circumcision before and I’m glad I’ll only have to see one more (Samuel).  Dr. Nash told jokes to keep us comfortable, but I was somewhere on the verge of crying and having a heart attack.  Right after Dr. Nash injected some lidocaine, Charlie tried to pee on him.  Dr. Nash said it was his only and last defense!

Dr. Nash did a great job, but it was a very stressful event for us to witness.  No pictures of this, obviously!

The fact he had this done means he’s close to being able to come home.  A date isn’t set yet, but I expect to see him home next week.

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