It’s been about a week so I thought I’d post an all-encompassing update.  Some of you may follow my Facebook page for more “real-time” updates on a few things, but here’s a good recap of the last week.

IMG_7828First, Samuel had his PDA surgery last Tuesday.  They were in and out faster than they thought and there were no complications.  The PDA was bigger than they expected – 4mm+.  One of the cardiac surgeons told me that’s bigger than many of the regular arteries that service the heart, so this surgery was a must!

Sammy was incredibly puffy the past few days, but the swelling is going down.  He tried to cry on Sunday night – we’re not sure if it’s because he was in some pain or was just gassy.  We thought he may be in a little pain, since all painkillers have been stopped.  So they gave him some Tylenol.  Still, we know he was gassy too!  It was kind of good to see him want to cry, though, as we’ve really not seen much from him.  He’s just been too tired and exhausted from trying to breathe.

Sammy will stay in Oakland at least a few more days.  They may try to do an echo on his repaired PDA Monday or Tuesday, and that will also examine what’s going on with his lungs.  Based upon that, they’ll determine when he’ll go back to Walnut Creek and John Muir.  We like it there better because of the nurses, the private rooms and the overall experience.  Plus it’s closer and we can bring his brothers with us when we visit.

One of the doctors wants Sammy to stay in Oakland so he’s closer to pulmonary doctors, but agreed to talk with us again after the echo.  We’re pretty insistent that unless absolutely required, he goes back to Walnut Creek.

Charlie was also on the move this week – from Walnut Creek to our house!  He finally arrived home on Monday afternoon, following a 68-day stay in the hospital.  We’re excited, but nervous, to have him home with Jacob.  Now we have to try and get them on the same feeding, pooping, peeing and crying schedule as fast as we can, otherwise we’ll be up all night tending to both.  We’ll have photos of him at home later.

One of the things you do when you’re getting ready to come home is to have your circumcision.  I had the unfortunate job, with my dad (Grandpa Dave) of witnessing this poor little boy get his penis snipped.  Dr. Nash did his usual routine of jokes – including one my father thought was the best thing ever (“I remember when I had my circumcision… I couldn’t walk for a year!”)

Charlie tried to stop the circumcision by peeing at Dr. Nash right as he was giving the lidocaine injections, but Dr. Nash has done thousands of these, so he was quick to react and avoid the tinkle.  Charlie did manage to pee on me twice on Saturday while I was trying to change him.  This was his payback for me allowing Dr. Nash to do his procedure.

Grandpa Bob spends time with Jacob.

Finally, there’s Jacob.  Not a lot to report on him.  He’s eating like a little boy should, and he seems to be growing quickly.  He’s fairly fussy these days, which means he’s either hungry for more or incredibly gassy.  It’s a little of both, I’m afraid.  He’s still sleeping in our room in a Rock ‘n Play, and he grunts a lot while he’s sleeping.  I think I’m going to sleep on the sofa the rest of the week while Kristen brings both of them into the bedroom and handles them at night.  I need to work, so I actually have a good reason to get some sleep.


Our nanny, Stevie, started full-time today and she’s doing a great job. The help is so direly needed.  I also posted an advertisement for a night-nanny three nights per week.  We’ll see what kind of traction we get on that.

Special thanks to my dad (Grandpa Dave) and Melinda for flying out to see us on short-notice.  They were a huge help this past week with everything from changing diapers to feeding the boys to feeding us!  We’re left with lots of leftover and frozen food.

Kristen’s dad, Bob, and her stop-mom, Selena, are out from Idaho visiting us this week.  They’re excited to see the boys and we’re looking forward to their help.

My mother will come visit us next Tuesday for a week.  She lives in Costa Rica, so it’s a bit more difficult to get here.  She wants to be called Deebee, just like she’s been called by her granddaughters for 14 years now.  But Kristen and I are going to surprise her and tell her she’s to be known as “Abuela” to our boys.

Finally, I have to give a special shout-out to our friends Brady and Erica Hobby, who made us some calzones and brownies.  Just wow, they are so good!  And to Laura and Charles Seidel for another donation of clothes to our growing boys.  Thank you so much!

That’s it for now.  More later when I think of it, or have more to update.

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