Samuel’s back in Walnut Creek

A celebratory photo with Samuel back in Walnut Creek.

I was going to post this on Friday, but obviously other things got in the way.  I do have some good news:  Samuel is back in Walnut Creek at John Muir.  This is great for several reasons:  (1) We’re really comfortable with the nursing and doctor staff there, (2) there are private rooms for us to use and (3) We can bring in other people – pretty much whomever we want.

We appreciate the care we got at Oakland, and some of the doctors do their rotation there as well, since it seems the neonatologist group is from a third-party company. Most are not directly employed by the hospital.  We’re grateful that Sammy’s PDA was closed and he’s on the mend.

We visited with him on Saturday and Sunday, and my in-laws drove up from Visalia to be with us, so they got to spend time with Sammy too.  He’s a lot more active these days.  Yesterday we had story time with him and we’ve requested a mobile for his crib, since he seems really interested in what’s going on.

The doctor on Saturday talked to us about a small “adjustment” for Samuel.  They want to snip the underside of his tongue.  It sounds painful but they say administering a pain medicine would actually be more painful. It’s quick and the tongue heals really quickly. This will help him start nippling and will help with the overall use of his tongue.

This kid can’t catch a break!

Anyway, his grandma Barbara (a.ka. Abuela, a.k.a. Deebee) is in town today and Sammy’s anxious to meet her.  It’s the only grandparent he hasn’t met yet.

One thought on “Samuel’s back in Walnut Creek

  1. Beautiful photo xoxoxo
    So glad Sammy’s back in WC!
    & yay for first meeting with Abuela/DB! 😀
    Your whole family will remain in our thoughts & prayers…


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