Cribs: Samuel Mazza

In this episode of Cribs, we’ll take a look at the sweet new digs of Samuel Mazza, who got an upgrade on Sunday.

Sammy started the day in his Isolette, where the top has been popped for several weeks now.  But he’s been outgrowing that bed and no longer needs such a complex setup, so he put that on the market and decided to downsize and upgrade at the same time.

Samuel, who goes by Sammy to his friends and family, decided on a sweet new crib that is white with yellow, red, green and blue confetti. It has some nice wheels so he can be moved around easily, and it has a storage tray underneath the crib, where he can store his diapers, wipes, clothes and syringes.  Sammy also says he stores the phone numbers from the nurses there too.  He’s quite the ladies man!

Sammy moved in Sunday morning and immediately setup his mobile, and his musical light-up toy, which cranks out some really cool tunes!  He also put up his “Be Mine” heart from Valentine’s Day, and he setup a new king-sized bed right in the middle.

“This is the next step in my move to dominate this NICU,” said Sammy, who’s still getting oxygen through a nasal cannula. “I’m pretty sure I’m the only baby with such a cool crib.  I’m having a crib-warning party next week.  I’ll be serving 24-calorie formula, so if you don’t like that, bring your own milk”

“It’s a pretty cool crib, “said 30-second-younger brother Jacob, “but I hope he’ll decide to stay here only for a short time and then come move in with me.  I have an awesome Pack ‘N Play, a podster, several Rock ‘N Plays and an actual crib with Sammy’s name on it.  It’s about time he blows this joint.”


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