3-Month Update

Wednesday, March 9th was the 90th day the boys have been with us.  They are three months old now, and it’s been quite a journey with great highs and the lowest of lows.  But for Jacob and Samuel, we’re so excited about where they’ve been and what’s ahead.

12795362_10207540734010755_3156682732143165582_nThere’s not a lot of news on Jacob this week.  He visited Dr. Nash again after he sounded a little stuffy with his breathing.  We’re very, very wary of RSV, which can literally kill them.  So we keep Jacob away from most other people, and we don’t leave the house much, other than to visit Samuel in the hospital.  Dr. Nash said there were no issues with him catching a cold or anything.  He just sounds a little stuffy.
Dr. Nash did mention that Jacob’s hernia may be operated on sooner than planned.  He thought we should wait until the one-year mark before it’s addressed, but Dr. Mikas told Dr. Nash it’s not uncommon now for boys to have the surgery to fix things sooner than a year.  So we’re checking into that.  It’s clear he has a hernia, as once in a while his left testicle is significantly swollen and large!  My son…  he has big balls!
Jacob was taking 100-120mL of formula reliably, but that’s scaled back a bit.  I think he was going through a little growth spurt and needed more calories, but now he’s in a plateau.  He still takes anywhere from 75-110mL (2.5 – 3.5 ounces) and he’s eating about 22 ounces per day in total.  He’s 8 pounds, 10 ounces as of Monday morning when he visited Dr. Nash.
IMG_8002Samuel continues to makes progress in the NICU.  He’s down to 2.0 liters per minute on his Vapotherm flow, and he’s at anywhere from 24% to 30% oxygen, with most days spent in the 25% – 27% range.  So those are good numbers.
He had his first vaccines on Tuesday.  They were delayed a bit because of his PDA surgery, but it was finally time to get him caught up.  It caused a fever and for him to have a few more desaturations, but those were expected side effects.  They treated him with Tylenol and he seems to be doing better.
Samuel’s X-Ray shows a big improvement on the left, over what he had on Feb 25th (right). You can see his PDA clip, his feeding tubes and the wires for his heart monitors as well.

On Thursday he had an X-ray and it shows big differences since his last one on Feb 25th.  The entire chest cavity is a lot clearer than it was a few weeks ago.  His main organs are a lot more evident, and overall he’s a lot less “cloudy”.  That likely means he’s drying up and his lungs are better able to form when they’re at the right moisture level.  These are all solid advances forward.

Samuel’s taking a bottle now about twice per day.  We are starting slow so it can be a successful feeding for him, and he associates happy thoughts with the food.  Some of the feedings are going about 65mL, while other times he tries and gets 6 or 8mL.  He’ll stay in the hospital until he can feed reliably as needed.
On Friday, March 11th – my birthday – Samuel’s slated to get his circumcision!  This poor kid is going to get even more ice cream now.

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