Birthday with the boys

I got to celebrate my birthday last Friday and it’s quite likely the best birthday I’ve ever had.  I got to spend time with both my boys, and I got nice cards from them.  But it was hard as I was missing Charlie on this day.

Kristen dressed up Samuel on Thursday so she could have a picture waiting for me when I woke up on Friday.  She dressed Sammy in a confetti party hat with a Happy Birthday Daddy sign in front of him.  When I woke up on Friday I was greeted by Jacob wearing his Happy Birthday Daddy shirt.  Kristen put him in it during the 4am feeding.  Of course a few hours later he peed on it.  But we cleaned  it and got it ready for a picture with my cake, on Friday night.  Finally, I got cards from both of them that I’m going to frame and save forever.  Here are some pictures from my birthday.

I don’t want to dwell too much on Charlie, but I did spend a chunk of time thinking about him, missing him.  I can’t believe I didn’t even get to celebrate a single birthday with him. I’ve grieved quiet a bit the past three weeks, but I still think I’m in shock about everything.  It’s so hard to believe he’s gone forever.

Let’s keep this somewhat upbeat with an update on Samuel.  He had a good week overall.  He did really well on 2 liters per minute of flow, and most of the time his oxygen needs were in the middle 20% range.  The doctors were going to move him to 1 liter of flow this upcoming week, but he’s going to get his circumcision this week.  It didn’t happen on Friday as we thought it would.  Dr. Nash only does them up to 10 pounds, and Samuel will officially be 9 pounds on Monday.  He’s only 17 grams away on Sunday morning!  Once he has the circumcision and stabilizes, they’ll keep moving his oxygen levels down.

Kristen and I gave him a bath on Sunday and I got a chance to get a good shot of his scar from the PDA surgery.  It’s healing pretty nicely.  The photo below shows it in comparison to Kristen’s hand.  I think it’s about two inches long, in total.


This week Sammy will also see a visit from a Gastro Intestinal doctor.  The neonatologist wants to do a test to see how bad his reflux is.  It seems to be bad, but they want to see how bad to prescribe the proper medication.

Finally he’s been taking about two feedings per day via bottle.  He can go anywhere from 6-10mL on a “bad” feeding, but on a good feeding he can do the whole thing.  Today I gave him 65mL in about 30 minutes and he drank it all.  He’s been doing mostly 30-60mL, and it’s promising that he’ll soon start taking a larger quantity and more frequently.

That’s it for now!  Have a happy week for you and yours.

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