On Thursday morning, Samuel had surgery to fix his Pyloric Stenosis.  The surgery took place at John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek.  Dr. Thomas Hui performed the surgery, while Dr. Katherina Lee was the anesthesiologist.

The surgery was slated to start at 10am, but they started prepping Samuel shortly after 8am when I arrived at the hospital.  Kristen arrived at the hospital at about 6:30am.  She just stayed up following Jacob’s 5am feeding.

Kristen looks on after giving Samuel a kiss before he left for surgery on Thursday morning.

They gave Samuel some morphine and atropine to get things going.  Then Dr. Lee and Dr. Mikas, the staff neonatologist, took care of the intubation, or breathing tube.  We left the room so we didn’t have to watch it.  He was intubated and then started to wake up a bit.  They gave him a bit more medicine to calm him down and then he was asleep.  We gave him a kiss goodbye and they took him out.  We went into the break room to sit and wait.

Shortly before 10am, Dr. Sandhu came in and told us that everything was going well, but they found he had a bi-lateral hernia.  He wanted to know if we wanted that repaired while he was in the OR.  Certainly!  We gave authorization, and then spoke with the nurse, Dr. Lee and Dr. Hui to authorize it.  Dr. Hui told me the Pyloric Stenosis surgery was already done and it had gone well, so they’d fix the hernia now.  Dr. Lee said the anesthesia was going well and he’d be under a bit longer, but there weren’t any issues expected.

About a half hour later, Dr. Hui came into the break room and told us everything was done.  It would take a few minutes for him to come back to the NICU, but the surgery went well.  He shared some pictures of the Pyloric Stenosis before he fixed it, and then shared before and after photos of the pocket where the hernia would take place.  He sewed it up nice and tight.

Sammy stayed intubated until about 7:30pm or so.  We went in to visit him in the evening and just missed the tube coming out.  He was just relaxing a bit.  Dr. Oesterbroeck visited him just after 8pm, and was impressed with how well he was doing.

Sammy rests comfortably following his extubation.

Then on Friday, Kristen held Samuel for a long time and he did awesome.  We checked in with the nurses on Friday evening and Colleen said he was really doing well.  She couldn’t believe he just had surgery on Thursday morning.

Samuel on Friday.  He was doing awesome for one day after surgery.

We’re really encouraged that he’s on the right track – FINALLY – but there’s still a ways to go.

Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure:

Of course I can’t post a blog update without at least one or two pictures of Jacob:

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