Four months old – adjusted to two

April 9th was the Jacob and Samuel’s four-month birthday, but today is the “adjusted” two-month birthday.  It’s adjusted back to their 40-week due date of February 12th.

We’ve been through a lot, but we have a lot to celebrate too.  We’ll take an optimistic view of things with a few photos below to celebrate them.  We can’t wait to get Samuel out of the hospital to be home and growing, and smiling, like Jacob is.

Today was also my day to visit Samuel in the hospital.  Kristen is taking Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and I’m taking Tuesdays and Thursdays.  We adjusted Stevie’s schedule to accommodate me working a full day on M-W-F, so she can take Jacob until I’m free.  Today I took most of the afternoon off from work and drove over late this morning so I could spend several hours with him.

IMG_8175This morning at about 6:30am he was brought to the operating room so they could do his Bronchoscopy.  The doctors tell us there was nothing “remarkable” found.  Their only takeaway is he has a very swollen airway.  The doctor told me that even with his intubation, which causes some swelling, and his Rhinovirus, which causes some swelling, there’s even more swelling far and above that.  They suggested this is just his physiology, and we’ll have to see how far things go down.  They were a bit worried that he may be need to be intubated again, but they were going to watch him closely to see.

I kind of feel like they’re way too quick to intubate him, but what do I know?

They’re giving him Decadron, a steroid to try and help open his airway a bit more.  So we’ll see how that works for him.

His Rhinovirus seems to be getting better, but it may take him another week or so to get rid of it.  He has no immune system, so it will take longer to get rid of symptoms.  He still has a lot of secretions.

The doctor said they did an echo on him on Monday evening and he passed with flying colors.  They didn’t even see anything that would indicate his pulmonary hypertension that he was diagnosed with before.  That’s good news for sure.

They weighed Samuel today and he was at 10 pounds, 6.6 ounces.  We believe he’s a little puffed up right now, so he probably weighs a bit less.

So with Samuel, we’re really “take it day by day, and wait and see”.  His grandmother is coming in from Costa Rica on Wednesday, so he’ll get a bit more love for the next few days.

By the way, Stanford is nice and I’m sure the people are great.  But so far we feel like Samuel’s just another baby there.  It shows just how loved and spoiled we were at John Muir in Walnut Creek.  We still have doctors and nurses from John Muir checking in on him daily – many of whom read this blog.  Thank you for your continued interest in our boy!

As for Jacob, he had a few days of poor feedings, but that’s now gone and he’s setting records.  He’s had more than 30 ounces this week in a single day.  Today we moved to an 8-ounce bottle and fed him 5 ounces.  He took just over 4, but we’re going to see if he can graduate to 5 ounces over the next week or two.  He’s very smily these days and he loves seeing other people smile.  He’s a happy boy most mornings, and we love to see that.



6 thoughts on “Four months old – adjusted to two

  1. So happy to see this blog….we miss Sammy and of course the rest of the family!
    Tell Sammy I really miss reading to him (Brown Bear Brown Bear!!!!! )


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