Breathing free

IMG_3742For 129 days, Samuel David Mazza has needed some sort of oxygen support.  He’s been on CPAP, High-Flow or VapoTherm machines every single day since he was born.

But that all changed on Day 130.

Sammy was taken off his oxygen support on Sunday, April 17th.  He was showing everyone that he really wasn’t using the oxygen flow that he was being provided, so they decided to cut the cord and see what he really needed. And he’s flourishing.

If you have been following, Samuel was transferred to Stanford on Tuesday, April 5th.  He’s was flown from Walnut Creek’s John Muir Hospital to Stanford to get a new set of eyes on him.  Almost immediately the doctors guessed he had a virus, and it was proven the the has Rhinovirus after a test.  He was placed in isolation and has been recovering since.  He had a really bad cough and had all sorts of secretions that were almost making him gag.

Last week he had a Bronchoscopy and they found things to be very normal, other than a very narrow airway.  They suggested the swelling from the rhinovirus and swelling from the ventilator were contributing, but he still had a smaller airway.  However that would likely fix itself as he got bigger.  Nothing major to worry about.

As we got further into the week, Sammy started to get better.  They took out the ventilator on Tuesday, then disconnected his CPAP machine on Thursday, moving him to a high-flow cannula.  The plan on Saturday was to move him in the evening to a low-flow cannula.  Then on Sunday morning, as his grandma was visiting, they took him off all tubes.  They removed his oral gastric (OG) tube as well and put in a nasal gastric (NG) tube so he can continue to get food, but all breathing help was stopped.  And throughout the day he did a great job.  Kristen visited with him for much of the day Sunday and she’s so happy.  And Sammy’s very happy too.  He had lots of smiles, which we’ve not seen before, and his cry is getting stronger.

Kristen talked with the doctor and they said an occupational therapist is going to review him to see how his swallow is.  That will help determine if he needs another swallow study or not.  The doctors will also do a test to see if he still tests positive for the Rhinovirus.  If he doesn’t need a swallow study, we’ll work on plans to get him moved back to Walnut Creek as early as later this week.  If he still tests positive for Rhinovirus, it won’t necessarily stop him from going back to Walnut Creek, but they would need to have an isolation unit available for him.  So we’ll see how things play out this week.

4 thoughts on “Breathing free

  1. Wow That is so Awesome!!! Read this blog and had tears of happiness for the little guy!!! Way to go Sammy!!! You will be home in no time bud!!!


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