8 Months Now

Hi everyone.  It’s been quite some time since I last posted a blog.  Life is getting hectic now and between a very busy time at work and keeping up with the boys, I haven’t had much time to post what’s going on.

Today is August 9th, and that means the boys are 8 months old today.  In just a couple days they’ll be adjusted to 6 months old.  Both boys are progressing really nicely, with major milestones and advancements being hit nearly every week.

Let’s see… Samuel is now going for physical therapy on a weekly basis.  He’s working to get stronger and we can see some results already.  He’s not ready to start moving around like Jacob does, but he’s certainly more active with his hands and legs.  He’s also doing a lot of smiling, but he has his share of meltdowns too.

We’ve been taking Sammy off his oxygen a lot more lately, testing to see how he does.  I’m very confident he will be off all oxygen by their 1-year birthday.  He really doesn’t need it now, but he could stand to get a little more consistent in his numbers.  His pulse-ox consistently stays above 95%, but then he’ll have a dip to 89% or 90% for a few seconds.  I attribute it more to the machine and connection to his foot than him desatting.

Sammy’s also getting his share of #1 baby food.  We’re taking it slow, but he seems to enjoy most everything we’ve given him.  It must feel good having food go into his mouth, instead of the feedings he’s on.   He still gets feedings through his G-Port in his tummy.  We’re up to 90mL every three hours, at a rate of 110mL per hour.  We will be moving to a faster rate over the next couple weeks, getting his feedings down to 30 minutes.  I’m sure he’s not far away from them upping the amount too.

He still gets 55mL/hr overnight, from 9pm to 6am on a continuous basis.

Sammy really seems to love the time right before bed and the time when he wakes up in the morning.  Most days I get him to bed and up and going, and he’s all smiles.  He loves getting some “daddy kisses” and we have lots of fun together for a few minutes in the morning before my phone starts dinging.

I’m not sure of Samuel’s weight now, but he’s definitely getting bigger.  He was 15 pounds, 1 ounce last week at the PT visit.  He’s wearing a lot of one-year-old clothes now, and we’re on #3 diapers.  So he’s getting pretty big!

Jacob is an incredibly active and rambunctious little boy.  He’s all over the place, with a constant level of inquisitiveness that you’d hope for.  He’s at a phase where he is drooling almost non-stop  we change his clothes 2-3 times per day because he’s just soaking wet.  He’s very quick – if he has a chance to grab Samuel’s oxygen cable without us noticing, he does it.

Jacob can sit up without any support now, though he will fall down once in a while.  And he can support all his weight standing without any problem. Of course he has almost no balance, so he can’t stand on his own yet, but he’s well on his way.

At night, Jacob was sleeping pretty well, but he’s gone backwards and gets up about 2x per night.  We’ve tried to let him cry it out and soothe himself to sleep, but he’s stubborn like his daddy, and he just cries and cries and cries.  We let him cry for almost an hour one night and he never stopped.  So during the week Kristen deals with him overnight and I’ve moved downstairs to sleep on the couch, so I’m fresh for work.  Kristen thinks I’m telling everyone he that he cries all the time, leaving you with the opinion he’s a nightmare kid. He’s not, but he seems to be somewhat spoiled by all the attention he gets from Stevie, Kristen and me all the time.  We need to back off the attention a bit, I think.

Jacob is also eating baby food now.  He’s eating about half a small jar and seems to love almost everything.  Kristen tried quinoa cereal mixed with banana, and he said, “no thanks” to that.  Otherwise he’s been down for anything.

He’s not quite crawling yet, but he’s getting close.  He can make all the movements, he just can’t get it in “forward” gear.  A little more time and he’ll be off.  But he can scoot around the family room at his will, so we have to watch him carefully already.

Here are some of my favorite pictures over the past two months or so.  I hope you enjoy them.  I’ll try and do a blog post sooner than October!

A family outing in Burlingame allowed us all to wear our sunglasses together.
Jacob enjoys his food.
Cousin Kaitlyn really enjoyed her time with the boys.
On their 8-month birthday, the boys decided to smile and look each other in the eye.
Sammy was all smiles a couple weeks ago.
Sammy thoroughly enjoyed his food too.
Jacob had a blowout. This seems to be a common occurrence with him.
After the blowout is cleaned up, he’s a pretty cute guy.
Sammy with his physical therapist. He did NOT like riding this horse.
Jacob went out with me, Aunt Sandi, and his cousins Kaitlyn and Rachel, and was good the whole afternoon.
Not the best quality, but any picture with me holding my boys is a great picture!