Sammy says “Happy New Year”.  This may be his best smile ever.

Happy New Year everyone.  Time for another installment of what’s going on in the Mazza household.  We’re just shy of 13 months old now – almost 11 months gestationally – and the boys are doing well overall.

Today they had an eye appointment with a pediatric ophthalmologist.  Samuel previously saw an eye doctor, who promptly declared him cortically blind.  This was back in October, and understandably Kristen came home in tears.  It made me mad because I knew he wasn’t blind, and shame on a doctor for declaring that.  We’ve since fired Dr. Chou, and won’t be going back to her.  (She also did a test called a refraction, which wasn’t necessary.  Most medical plans won’t cover that, but I learned today my vision plan may cover it.)

And then for Jacob, when he saw Dr. Nash in December for his one-year check-up, they ran a test via some iPhone app and said he may have some eye issues, and he referred us to get Jacob checked out.

So today, we took both boys to see Dr. Victoria Hsu from the UCSF Benioff Children’s hospital today.  Luckily they have a San Ramon office, which is super convenient for us.  Both boys had an examination and then had some drops in their eyes to widen the pupil.  Both boys are far-sighted, but neither boy is a concern at all.  As their brain matures, they should grow out of most of it.  Regular eye tests will tell us for sure.

Samuel does have his right pupil 20% larger than his left pupil, and the doctor says his right eye isn’t maturing as it should.  So Samuel gets to be a pirate now, wearing an eye patch over his left eye for two hours per day for the next few months.  The goal is to eliminate the left eye, forcing the right eye to work harder and mature.

Sammy sports his eye patch.

As a more general update, the boys are doing well.  Samuel’s absolutely doing great with his physical therapy.  The therapists are ecstatic about his progress.  His tummy time is going well and he’s able to roll over on his own now.  He still has to learn to get his arm out of the way, but he’s able to do it.  And when he’s on his tummy, he’s doing a great job of lifting his head off the ground.  That means his neck muscles are really getting stronger.  We’re so proud of his work ethic!

He’s interacting with his toys pretty well, and he’s generally having a good time most of the time.  He still has a long way to go, but Samuel’s well on his way to “catching up”.

Jacob is almost to the point where he can walk on his own. He likes to walk around the living room, holding on to everything, and in the past few days he’s been taking a step here or a couple steps there on his own, from the ottoman to the sofa, for example.  He’s going to start the transition from formula to milk over the next several weeks, and then by sometime in February we’re pretty sure he’ll be off formula.  He’s learning how to use his sippy cup, and he eats nearly everything we put in front of him.  Last night he had peas – one of his favorite foods – a slice of turkey and some baby food.

Stevie has been out the past three weeks, but we’ve been lucky and fortunate enough to have a great fill-in: Bianca, who’s a college student from San Ramon.  She goes to school out of town and needed a job for the exact dates that Stevie was gone.  She’s done a fabulous job, and we hope to keep in contact with her.

Jacob in his bear outfit, following a ride in the wagon with Bianca

That’s about it for now.  Happy January!

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