January Update

img_9323Hi Everyone… another exciting update from the Mazza household, where Samuel and Jacob are growing like two weeds!

We just passed the one-year mark of when we brought Jacob home.  It was fun to revisit that post I did a year ago to see how small he was, and to compare to how big he is now.  We’ve officially declared him a “walker” now, since he can take 2-3 steps reliably, and we’ve seen him go as far as 6 steps before losing his balance.  I think it’s less of a balance issue and more of a confidence issue.  He’ll get there.

Jacob is about a week away from being off all formula.  We’re weaning him off the formula and moving him to whole milk.  Now he gets four bottles per day, with 6oz. of milk and 2oz. of formula.  By next week we should be at 100% milk.  It will be nice to swap this out for milk, since formula is more expensive.

Jacob paid a visit to Target with mom, and made himself comfortable in the cart.

He eats pretty much what we eat now.  He especially loves bananas and peas.  He does get baby food (stage 4), but we’re trying to change our eating habits to have things that he can eat with us.

Jacob is still taking two naps per day, and he’s doing pretty good with them now.  Lately both he and Sammy have been sleeping a bit later – until 6:30am or even 7am.  We’re thrilled to have the extra sleep ourselves!

Samuel is doing well too.  He’s getting a lot of attention from his physical therapists, occupational therapists and other specialty doctors.  We’re looking forward to working closer with his speech therapist on his feeding.

He got clearance today to go from 5 feedings to 4 feedings per day, using his feeding pump into his G-Tube, of course.  He will get the same amount, but we’ll just give it as a larger feeding.  And we should be able to speed things up a bit over time so the feedings will go faster.  The goal is not to spend 5 hours per day getting food pumped in, so he can do more playing, therapy, learning, etc.

Sammy also gets some baby food on a regular basis now.  He likes it a lot, though the first bite is always a bit of an adventure.  And now the OT folks want us to work with him on starting to take some liquids through a cup.  We’re going to bypass the bottle completely, I think, since he’s forgotten what to do and isn’t reacting well to it.

Sammy smiles while wearing his “Mom” sweater.  He’s practicing for Valentine’s Day.

His strength is really improving.  His physical therapist, Laurel, is always impressed when he comes to see her.  She told me earlier this week that his abs are a bit weak, but the rest of him is getting really strong.  It’s OK that his abs are weak, considering he has a G-Tube right through the middle of them.

We can put Samuel down on the floor on his back now and he’s very likely to roll over.  He’s kind of funny since he grunts and groans the whole way.  Now we need to work on turning those grunts and groans into babbling.

In other news, we learned today that Stevie, our nanny, will no longer be with us.  We wish her well and now we start our search for somebody else to help.  It really is great when we can get reliable help who can handle the boys.  Last Friday Kristen and I went on a lunch date, and then went bowling in Danville.  I learned that I’m not a very good bowler, and Kristen isn’t much better than me.  But she beat me in both games and I did not let her win!

Many of you know I left my company back in November.  I have nothing to share on the job front, other than I’m interviewing at a few locations.  But its’ been really great to spend more time with the boys.  Still, I’m ready to get back to a day job, and hope to land something great soon.

3 thoughts on “January Update

  1. Great update Todd!

    It is fun to see them gain confidence and start to explore their new found ability to walk. Walking really is a game changer. On short trips we leave the stroller behind and let them walk while holding their hands!

    That’s awesome that Sammy can roll over now. He’s such a cute little guy! The PT & OT have helped our boys a lot! We love them!

    Keep up the good work, you and Kristen are amazing parents!


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