On Tuesday, Samuel went to visit his new speech therapist, Heather, and then he went to visit his physical therapist, Laurel.  This was his first visit to speech therapy.  It just took a really long time to get the appointments set.  But Kristen reported that Heather was great, and his first therapy is to start gnawing on dried fruit.  He’s not in any danger of biting the mango you see in the picture, but it gives him the exercise of biting down and manipulating the mango with his tongue, getting the tongue into different areas of his mouth.  We also need to work on his gag reflex, which is a bit too far forward in his mouth.  That’s somewhat expected since he doesn’t get a lot of food in his mouth.

Kristen said that Sammy had a great workout with Laurel too.  He sat and stared into her eyes for a while.  Sammy is hit and miss at PT, since he can get easily tired and very, very cranky.  But he had great energy today.  He’s had great energy yesterday too.

We’re moving him from five feedings to four feedings per day, and this is the last week of five feedings.  Starting next Monday he’ll be fed at 6:30am, 10:30am, 2:30pm and 6:30pm, and he’ll get 205mL per feeding.  That’s 820mL per day, or almost 28 ounces of formula.  He’ll also continue to get some baby food by mouth three times per day.

In Jacob news, we officially have a pretty good walker on our hands.  He’s able to move his way around the living room pretty easily. He loves playing chase around the couch now, and he loves to chase Sophie around the couch.  He’s still a little  unstable and we’re not quite ready to take him on a walk outside, but we should be able to do that very, very soon to see how he does.  He still prefers to crawl sometimes, especially if we’re showing off his talents to others.  That little stinker!

That’s it for now!

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