Pictures and more pictures

It’s pictures that some of you want, so that’s what you’ll get.  Enjoy!

Sammy’s Next Sleep Study


Sammy and Kristen are in Walnut Creek tonight at one of John Muir’s facilities doing another sleep study.  This is where they’ll put lots of wires and sensors on him to checkout how he sleeps, how his breathing works, etc.  The photo shown above is only about half-way through all the probes and sensors he has to wear.

The best case scenario is that the doctors find that Samuel doesn’t need any oxygen anymore and he sleeps perfect.  We expect they’re going to say he doesn’t need the oxygen, but likely will have some sort of sleep apnea.  I think he’ll have to do another sleep study soon to be fitted for a CPAP machine.

He did one of these sleep studies a few months ago.  I went to that one with him down at one of Stanford’s facilities in Mountain View, and it didn’t seem like he slept all that well.  They showed he didn’t really need any more oxygen at night, but he did have lots of pauses in breathing during the night.  This is known as Apnea.  So we’ve kept him on oxygen at night.  this is why he has those rosy-red cheeks.  We take the stickers off each morning that keeps his oxygen connected to his face at night.

We expect to get these results in about two weeks.  We go to see Dr. Newaskar, his pulmonary doc, again on March 23rd, so hopefully the results will be back by then.

If I get another picture from Kristen I’ll post it.  Kristen reports he’s really happy right now and very talkative to the nurse hooking him up.  Good boy!