Jacob gets his first haircut

Well, the time has come for Jacob to have his locks sheared off.  Kristen said on Saturday morning that she finally agreed his hair was too unruly and it was time to get it cut.  We talked about where to go and when, but never really took it any further.  Then Kristen took Jacob over to visit with Aunt Jamie today, and I guess they passed a place in Burlingame that specializes in kids haircuts.  So they popped in and he got his first cut.  I wasn’t there and for that I’m a little sad.  But there are pictures so that helps.

I’ve also included a few other pictures from the last week:

Jacob gets his first haircut, while sitting on Kristen’s lap.


The finished product – looking sharp!  Aunt Jamie walks with him in Burlingame.
Sammy tries on some cool new shoes.
Pool time for Jake.
Jacob proves he can rock the speedo with the best of ’em.  He has his trusty rake and hoe too.

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