Strabismus Surgery for Sammy

IMG_2931Well, there’s nothing like taking time in the waiting room of a hospital to make my next post.  Today we’re at Children’s Hospital in Oakland, CA, where Sammy is having bi-lateral Strabismus surgery on both of his eyes.

Strabismus surgery, said plainly, is to help fix his eyes’ alignment.  Dr. Hsu is doing the procedure and Dr. Brewer is doing the anesthesiology.

You may remember that Sammy was wearing a patch for a while.  He did OK early on, but as he got older he started ripping it off. So it wasn’t working as it planned.  It did make some improvements to his eyes, but not where we wanted him to be.

Dr. Hsu recommended we go forward with this procedure, and so here we are.  She will cut into the outer edge of the eyes, changing the muscle alignment to help his eyes align together.  It’s likely Sammy will look a bit cross-eyed for a while, and we expect he’ll have very red and puffy eyes for about 2-3 weeks. We bought swimming goggles and will use those if necessary, since he likes to rub his eyes.

Anyway, he’s in surgery now.  The procedure will take about 45 minutes, and he has to be put under first. They’re going to intubate him too – we didn’t expect that.  Once the procedure is over, he’ll stay in the recovery area while he comes out of the drugs.  He’ll get some food and we’ll ensure he’s stable before we take him home.

We expect to be home by 12 or 1pm.

Here are some photos of our morning.


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