2nd Birthday + 2 Year Checkup

IMG_3755Hi everyone.  Here’s another update.  I find it tough to carve out time to write about the boys, since they keep us so busy, but I had some downtime tonight and thought I’d put together a few notes.
This past Saturday, we celebrated Jacob and Samuel’s second birthday.  It’s tough to believe it’s been two years since they joined their brother Charlie to arrive at just before 4:30 in the morning.  The birthday is both a time to celebrate another year, but it’s also a time to remember the short time we had with Charlie.  It’s tough to believe he’s been gone for almost two years himself.  I look at pictures of him every day and I think about him often.
For the birthday celebration, Kristen came up with a train theme – “Choo Choo, Jacob and Sammy are 2”.  Kristen made a cardboard train set, dressed the boys in conductor hats and overalls like they were working on the train, and even created a train for our food.
We just had family over to the house.  We had Grandpa Dave and Grandma Melinda from Davie, Florida, Grandpa Bob and Grandma Selena from Jerome, Idaho and Papa and Grammie from Visalia, CA.  We also had Aunt Jamie from Burlingame, CA, the boys’ cousins Rachel (15) and Kaitlyn (12) from Loxahatchee, FL, and Melinda’s granddaughter Sydnie (16) from Davie, FL.
We wanted to invite more people, but we’re still at a stage where the health of the boys is paramount.  We will start to expose them a bit more after this flu and cold season, and after Sammy’s Synagis vaccinations are done in the April or May timeframe.  He qualified for them again this year.
During our party, we had some good food and we played a bunch of games that Kristen came up with.  For example, we had a contest to write the alphabet, but only using a marker in a person’s mouth or between their toes.  And since Jacob likes to play golf, we had a putting contest.  There were other games too.  We had a lot of fun for it, and during the games we were able to bring in Aunt Sandi via FaceTime to participate in some of the fun, and we brought in Grandma Barbara (Deebee, as she likes to be known to the grandkids) and Grandpa Steve in via Skype from Costa Rica.
Sydnie writes the alphabet with her mouth while Kaitlyn writes it with her foot.  Selena (lower left) also tries with her mouth.  Sydnie won this contest!

We had cake from Cold Stone Creamery and just an overall fun time.  We opened all their presents and they got lots of cool things.  Thanks to everyone!

I think both boys were over-stimulated by the end of the day, as they both got cranky and tired.  They were both in the middle of colds too, so they were kind of snotty and coughing the entire time but they’re both recovering nicely right now.

Two Year Checkup

On Tuesday, December 12th (that’s today as I write this), the boys went for their 2-year checkup with Dr. Nash, our pediatrician.  Two years is the mark when they will no longer be “adjusted” to what they are gestationally, so the weight and height measurements have them on the lower end of the scale as compared to other two-year-old boys.
Sammy checked in at 34.5 inches long, with a weight of 20.44 pounds.  To put that in perspective, he’s right in the middle of the pack as it relates to length, at 47.57%.  But he’s almost off the chart on the low side as it relates to weight, at 0.88%.  He’s been sick lately and undoubtedly lost some weight as he’s not had full feedings.  He looks really thin and we need to get him back to full feedings, like we did today, so he can continue to gain weight.  For comparison, last December 14th he was 18.75 pounds, so he’s only gained 1.75 pounds over the past year.  Not good!  It’s not due to lack of food, as we do exactly what the dietitian tells us to do.  Maybe I need to go on this all-liquid diet!
Jacob checked in 32.5 inches long with a weight of 24 pounds.  So he’s a bit smaller, but weighs 20% more than Sammy.  Still, he’s on the small side at 7.74% for weight and 13.11% for height.  A better measurement would be to check this again in February and compare it to other 2-year-olds at that time.  Overall he’s a good eater, and by all accounts, he eats more green and leafy vegetables than anybody’s ever seen.


On the milestone front, Jacob is running around, climbing on the couch and he’s now learned how to climb onto the chairs and even the dining room table.  He climbs up and down the steps to the 2nd floor of our house, and can do both with just a little support, or watchful eye.  He loves to kick balls around the house, throw balls, he swings the golf club he has and does an exceptional job hitting it, and he loves to go with daddy to the golf course to do some putting.  His favorite activity, though, is cleaning.  If you can believe it, he loves to play with his toy and real vacuum, brooms, dust pans and many other cleaning supplies.  If you give him a wet towel and ask him to “wipe, wipe, wipe”, he will go to town!
Jacob also is starting to talk a bit.  He knows words like Mama, Dadda, BaBa (brother), Ball, No and many others.  His vocabulary isn’t what it should be, but he’s starting to listen and try words.  Just yesterday he said “elbow”.  If you point to many parts of the body (hair, head, ear, eye, mouth, nose, hand, knee, belly button, leg, foot and toes) he knows them all and can point to them.  Good progress!
Sammy also is making progress on many fronts.  His body strength is really improving.  He gets in his stander for about 30 minutes per day, and we know his body strength is improving because when he was recently sick, he was very upset and got to the point where he was actually standing at one point.  You can do awesome things when you’re upset and angry, I guess!
He’s improving in his rolling over skills, and can go back to front and then front to back, though he needs some work.  Kristen and our Physical Therapists continue to work closely with him on core strength, leg strength, arm strength and head/neck strength.  He’s able to hold his head up nicely now when sitting in his high chair, and he does a lot of the work on sitting up and pushing off some of the PT tools we have.  He’s doing a better job of playing with the toys we give him, reaching up for them and when sitting in his chair, reaching out across the tray.  We have him taking things out of cups, boxes and other toys, and of course he’s putting things back into them too.  Overall he’s making great progress.
And we’re getting a few words out of Sam’s mouth.  He can say mama and ba-ba.  It’s more babbling and not with the same meaning that Jake is showing, but it’s still great progress and we’ll take it.  Sammy seems to be greatly influenced by his little brother, and they watch each other closely.
OK, this is a long update and I think that’s enough for now.  Until the next update, enjoy some more pictures!
Kristen built this train out of cardboard boxes. She’s so creative!
All Aboard the Sammy train!
Jake enjoys his lunch: Tri-tip, potatoes and carrots.
The boys didn’t love their hats during the singing of “Happy Birthday”
Cousin Kaitlyn holds Jacob.
Cousin Rachel holds Sammy with Kait in the background.
IMG_4053 2
On Sunday, we went to Mt. Diablo to have some fun. Kait and Jacob pose on top of the rock they climbed.
Here’s the food train Kristen setup on the kitchen counter bar.